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  • ✓ No outdated fuss
  • ✓ All the hassle taken care of
  • ✓ Always a perfect match
  • ✓ An informal sparring partner

“We are all professionals with respect for our clients, our candidates, and for ourselves. We don’t obsess over quantity when it comes to the number of successful placements, as we believe that’s a natural outcome of our focus on quality.”

Helmig Heerink – Founder, Quades

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What ICT positions can Quades assist with? 

We have extensive experience in placing various ICT professionals, including software developers, network engineers, system administrators, data analysts, and more. Our network spans across different sectors, allowing us to find suitable candidates for diverse tech

How does your selection process work?

Our process? Simple. We dig deep, very deep. We don’t just screen candidates based on their CV, but dive into their digital DNA. We ensure they not only fit technically but also vibe with your company. No fuss, just perfect matches.Ons proces? Simpel. We graven diep, heel diep. We screenen kandidaten niet alleen op basis van hun CV, maar duiken in hun digitale DNA. We zorgen ervoor dat ze niet alleen technisch passen, maar ook qua vibe bij uw bedrijf. Geen poespas, alleen perfecte matches.

What guarantees do you offer for candidate placements?

We go all in. Our placement guarantee? Just as solid as a well-built foundation. We make sure everything runs smoothly, from the initial interview to long after the candidate is settled in their new desk. Satisfaction? That’s our top priority, always guaranteed.

What sets your bureau apart from the rest? 

Where to begin? We’re experts in our field and know the industry inside out. We don’t stop until we’ve found the perfect match. No empty promises, no nonsense. Just dedicated professionals delivering serious work, with a touch of flair.